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MORE advantages!


  • Insert quick offers, specials, reminders, and any kind of on-line document you want into the Hover ad.
  • Place timed subtle Hover ad on page after specified time, code included. (This gives the visitor time to read a bit of content before you make an offer.)
  • Offer FREE products, ezines, newsletters, e-books, and once they accept they press OK button, you get their e-mail they get their offer, by using our e-mail getter form Hover.
  • Quick polls are an excellent way of gaining valuable feed back from your visitors or clients. Insert poll form inside a Hover ad and rest assured that your visitors will notice it.






If you are using popups on your web site you ARE LOSING MONEY!!

Not because popup's are ineffective, but because they are now almost totally BLOCKED!

Your popups are as good as invisible!

AOL 52 million BLOCKED OUT!

Netscape 52 + million BLOCKED OUT

Alexa Search tool 10 million BLOCKED OUT!

Google search bar 10's of millions BLOCKED OUT!

Marketing Tips the late Corey Rudl and his Comments on " Hover ads".

" When I caught this mistake and replaced my popup's with this powerful new ad technology, my sales increased 162% and 86% MORE people subscribed to my newsletter.. all in less than 24 hours.*

If I were still making this mistake, I would have lost over $2,064,000 in sales in 2004.

Don't let this happen to you... "



So then why do many marketers still insist on using popup windows for their opt-in forms??

‡ Why indeed when?

Most marketers spend their waking moment on the computer, selling, reading, learning, uploading, promoting, buying, sending e-mails, writing e-books, staying on the computer till the early hours of the morning, sacrificing their social life, testing programs, endorsing other peoples systems etc.

So why then do many still use popup windows?

It's called the "Cane Toad" syndrome.....put the Cane Toad in a freezer and it will freeze to death without knowing, comfortably and peacefully.

The popup has been put in the freezer by ALL the major Browsers and the thousands of free popup killer programs! And your optin list along with your sales are going to sleep because of it.

YET the popup up window itself has NEVER LOST its is an incredibly effective marketing tool........hence why they were abused.

This is what Corey Rudl ( The most successful online marketer ) was trying to say, with the introductory comment above)

But many online marketers have NOT REALISED that their popup's are dying and have become invisible, the shocking thing is that the ones who do know have not looked for a replacement........UNTILL NOW!!


Hover-iT Will increase your Opt-in rate and sales by 100% and more!!





Check out some of the features...


Hover ad generator, effective features.

  • Totally unblocklable, not to impose them on others but to give genuine visitors an opportunity to try or buy your product...the choice should be theirs!
  • Works with ALL Browsers.
  • Can be designed to blend in with the web page or to stand out for effective promotion.
  • Set border thickness-colour, delay timed. appearance, insert HTML, Flash, Java files etc.
  • Set position to appear on screen.

  • Set cookies and make sure that your repeat visitors do NOT see the ad more than a pre set amount of times on any given day(s), pre-built effects.

  • Set toolbar color, font style font colour, blend for total subtlety.

  • Add images, choose Form template, E-mail grabber template, paste code directly in it's HTML editor, draggable, and many more features and on below.....and there are more reasons!
  • Ensures your Product presentation is always seen.( insert flash,avi,java files etc)
  • Your forms will allways have a chance of being filled out!
  • You have total controll where and when they will appear.
  • Blend them in the page or make them stand out!
  • The possibilities are endless!




***See what PC online business says about Hover ads over popups. If you want to pay $67, or $97 for a similar program like Hover-iT then go ahead, but Hover-iT is by far better value for your money.

***See What managedtime say about Hover ads over popups.


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Still not convinced? Read what the Marketing Gurus have said about Popups!

Popup ad Testimonials from the Internet Marketing professionals



" Yes, it has increased our opt-in rate by over 500%. We now convert 10% of all visitors into opt-in subscribers. This has developed into a rich monthly revenue stream."

Marlon Sanders :

" Yes, it has increased our sales by $300 - $500 per day, and was one of the smartest moves we ever made."

Andrew Reynolds:

" It's been just a few months, but so far we have collected over 2000 names with postal addresses and e-mail addresses. The best part is, those new prospects have already spent over $30,000 with us as a result of our follow-ups."

Ken McCarthy: ( Organized first international conference on internet marketing with Netscape's Mark Andersen in 1994) " The fact is, we get over 1,000 extra prospects every month because we use the pop-up. The follow up is a sequence of messages about what we can do for them and why they should do business us. It doesn't cost me a thing, so as far as I'm concerned, it doesn't get any better than that."

Corey Rudl's:

Well Corey's team have their own hover ad generator so that should say it all, but why pay double for something that Hover-iT® will do better and for for less than half the price?

Only $29.95 pay with ClickBank or PayPal!
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